Sunday, January 24, 2016

New sculpture
(No name yet)

I'd like to tell you what the motivation is that underlies this sculpture. I'm motivated by the fact that humans and their pets are always seeking shelter and trying to keep it. Most of us are somehow protecting ourselves under a roof of some kind. We will do what it takes to secure that position. If that position is challenged in some way we will usually react to stabilize the situation with greater or lesser success. This is the basic underling premise I have in guiding me through the process of creating this sculpture.

The details haven't been decided yet but by making this roughed out image I'll get a better idea how it is progressing. Sometimes not standing right next to something I'm very involved with is a good thing. It brings perspective and a more dispassionate view.

The walls of these small houses move if it's windy. They're made of aluminum and go clack -clack -clack - in a kind of pathetic and vulnerable way. It's not to say that the people that would inhabit the houses are pathetic; but this is a way for me to point to the temporality of our time on earth.

These little houses are temples of a sort to point out we do care for our best in life even though it ends for each of us. I'm touched by everyone trying to maintain the little temples we call home.

 The bottom 24" hasn't been completed yet but the cinder blocks give it the right height.

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