Wednesday, May 27, 2020

 The Twins are the result of a flexible sculpture idea I wanted to make. I have observed and experienced a change in attitude toward sculpture and mine in particular and from this
observation I made the Twins.

The change I see is people taking the image and experience of my sculpture and making it their own in a variety of ways.

My sculpture is a point of departure for them; from which they  begin creating from it their own.

Seeing this I decided to take their position of the observer of my own work  by taking it back and making it my own again in any position I chose!!!  I get to be the creator the observer and the manipulator. 

 At the picnic table in early spring. Just talking casually.
Posing for a selfie in front of the magnolia.

"I like the Twins but it would be much better if they were sitting by a stream some where. "

'Not a problem! I can put them any where I want; they're mine!!'

I hope the sculptor doesn't mind but I just couldn't help my self. 😁

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Scholar Stones

 If you've ever wondered how the Scholar Stones are made here is a rough visual on that.
As you can see the steel sets the shape in this first stage.

 The steel is covered with galvanized lathing shaping it further. That part on the bottom I removed  once I new it would sit on the pine platform; see below . The last stage is concrete built up in layers over the lathing. The platforms are made of white pine from trees that fell in our most resent tornado.
Here it is in company with another scholar stone on it's pine platform. I showed these as a group of five or six with more platforms to sit on. The viewing angle gave people the feeling of being another scholar rock . Sitting at the same height as the sculpture is not something I've ever done myself. It was a changed experience for me and those who chose to sit too.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

The blue Bird of Happiness is melting the cold .
Not every where in the world snow and sculpture
co exist.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Four inches higher makes all the difference in the world. That's right the big world at this little address of mine. The world is under my two feet and all around and above. Confirmation enough!

The next step in this process will cover all this in concrete.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

I haven't posted any art images for a while because I want to show how the art is made. Here is another structure that will become a sculpture. In a dream there were two stones I found in the ground. One was so big it was not possible to move but one was and it is becoming a non dream sculpture. The two points or ears on top of this were on the stone in the dream. It was the one I could pick up and walk away with.

I didn't walk away with it though because the property owner would have upon seeing it gone " oh great you found me a beautiful stone Bob" and I would have had to say yes and walk away with out it.

That is why I'm making my own stone and if any one is going to walk away with this one they will be gladly paying me for it! Finding beautiful stones and possessing them seems to be a very ancient human desire. Since I'm not finding but making these stones does this change anything ? I'm not copying any stones or rendering the likeness of a particular stone. I don't know what to call it.

It will be what it will be.
It's beginning to have sides,surfaces and a platform. (it's actually 3" taller now above the platform;picture not available yet) So far it's about 2 feet tall.

This may not be interesting to any one but it is where I spend my time and energy and you usually only see the outer skin of the work. It is a working from the inside out way of seeing. The form eventually appears. Come back if you care to and there will be more stages to see. Beautiful stones are for ever in my opinion. (sounds like a diamond commercial)


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Sculpture in pieces

 These three concrete bowls are the foundation of the next and last sculpture in a series called Host and Guest; the earth being the host and we be the guests. The shiny on top are lug nuts I re threaded to accommodate common stainless coarse thread bolts. The white ( which won't be white later ) Eiffel  tower like image will be attached to the concrete rice bowls with the shiny lug nuts.

This is a version of the shape below before the concrete was added.This galvanized lathing is what supports the concrete.

This sphere of a thing is the earth planet;Host. It will bolt to the Eiffel tower part . It is made of concrete and has big holes in it and it's hollow in side. That on the right is a little ramp up to my drawing room in the back ground. 
 This steel primed white Eiffel tower part holds up the earth planet with one big bolt.
This part is the Guest and it  looks like a house. It is cast in concrete with a bolt coming through the top. It will be suspended inside the hollow earth ball.
On top of the earth ball is a white dome that holds a 4foot tall tapered pointer. The house and the pointer are co-joined by a spring inside that dome. The slightest movement of the pointer will be indicated by movement of the house.

So often we look at art and never know how it was made. There is nothing conclusive here but it's how I put this art together. In the case of this series of Host and Guest it is clear to me how ever we treat the Host we are still all ways the Guest.

Monday, June 11, 2018

My sculpture Quartz Night is ready to go to North Benington,VT. sculpture show.  It's made of steel and painted silver. At night there are solar lights that keep away the dark.
Are you one of those people that can't accept an impression of an object with out seeing extreme detail ? I'm personally happy with the feeling I get form an image. I know it is an image of a 3 dimensional  real thing. Many people don't or don't care. A picture makes me want to see it in person.