Friday, February 29, 2008

This is a sculpture that was made by me and installed by me on the entry way to the collectors home. there is alot of chatter today on collecting art that has me thinking. With all the bravery in accumulating wealth I'm thinking how timid those same people can be when it comes to buying art. But yes art IS another story.
Here is my FREE advice: If you don't want to become an art investor try using love. Love is always yours to give or withhold. It can take the place of money as a stand in for studying and "consuming" the very thing in front of you with out spending a dime. Think of it as your birth right commodity with which to rub up against art . With nothing to lose who cares if it's a STRANGER! You can get to know or not at no expense at all. When you are done move on. Put the money down only when you have a relationship with this"stranger".
The sculpture on the left was consumed with love and paid for with money. The money means it is now a part of this property. love was the vehicle that got it here and keeps it here. The one thing that dosn't go astray is change. Art for me is about loving a stranger even if it is us.