Saturday, February 14, 2009

The above and below in the snow that is no longer there as of a week ago is how the sculpture is coming along. The snow does most of the light catching that other wise would be hard to see. Speaking of that it will be painted a dull green of some kind to slow down the awareness of it all and make the experience a gradual, slower one. There are temples of sorts ( I'll put an image on the blog) with antenna that go in the center of each of those horizontal circles. The circles will be ringed with quartz as well as the central platform in each circle. Then that sphere of concrete in the previous entries will go skirting around the central stone. There will be inclining platforms too that help the quartz get from the ground up to the "Destination". If you look strait down on the whole thing it's a figure eight; a blobby teardrop strait on. It's far from all those nude Indians laying around in their sun but I see the feel is there.