Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I went to Moon Rise to make an adjustment to Moon Rise Quartz Migration. large boulders were added to and rearanged while the entrance was expanded and unified with more gravel. Beauitfull! So I needed to add a few more white quartz stones to work with the other changes. While there I photographed something I made over the past winter. Their called
Moon Rise Uppings Their all hanging from the rafters that over hang the breezeway between the frontdoor and the garage.
P.S. The spiral cone in the back ground hanging from the eave, is incence that burns "24/7".
It smells like all the religions in the world got thrown in to a caldron and boiled down by half. The good stuff rose to the surface and was scummed off,dryed and made in to this incence. There ya have it. It's just my sence of smell.