Saturday, June 20, 2009


Shiitake wow I finally am growing them. Rita got me the plugs for my birthday and they arived . The logs we found cut on the side of the road last winter ready for the chipper. I knew enough to grab them early as they need to dry out a bit. That was feburary and it's June now . The logs are ready and I drilled holes in them acording to the instructions that arived with the "plug spawn" , ohoo all these new terms. This link is where mine came from, also
you'l need cheese wax at and proably other sources.

Next the cheese wax gets dbl.boiler melted to pour or as I did dribble with a paintbrush over the spaun plugs and the ends of the logs. this keeps competing fungi from the shiitake and keeps moisture in.
The image above is of the logs in a shady, moist and foliage over top kind of place.
Who knows if it will work but you can't successfully fail if you dont try! Now I just have to foreget all about them for 6-9 months unless it becomes dry and they'l need a sprinkle of water.