Sunday, April 6, 2008

This is about sculpture and I havn't shown sculpture too much .
The sumi drawing at the right is the begining of a sculpture and some progression will follow. The three trays will eventually be serving small quartz confection.
The farthist image is the sculpture and Iv'e called it Quartz Server. It is not finished. The quartz at the right on the table will go on the trays and the grey metal will be painted. Warm dry weather is all I need. It will be shown outdoors in the silver garden which I'll show you when the weather improves. It is great to have a speciall place where all the silver ones go.

last fall Rita saw this in our dining room window. I took this picture as we looked on. Just a reflection at the end of the day but what an end of day! We thought about the energy out and in the house . It captured our times. Burnnnnn Ahnn!