Thursday, March 26, 2009

Roofusbe contenti

Thinking about the real estate of things and the parts that are good about it I'm content to recognise the simlper aspects are the better ones.
These drawings have started to become sculpture. I'll enter an image soon as it becomes presentable. A big umbrella is wonderfull in the pouring rain.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Black Earth

Googling bio-char will describe better than I can the benefits of this practice. In the middle of the vegetable garden I put a barrel of steel with a lid that has a hole in the middle. All the debris from last years growth gets burned in it. The charcoal gets spread over the garden beds and dug in. When there is a lot of hot coals in the barrel
the lid goes on. The barrel has a few holes around the sides that at this point get plugged up with some loose fitting bolts.
Now it simmer burns into a pile of charcoal. When it cools down a bit I take the lid off and add snow to stop it or water. In the morning the charcoal gets spread on the beds. It's fun too.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fininancial Crisis

My sister Sarah made this long ago and it has
writen all over it!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yesterday Rita and I had lunch with an old but young friend in Norwich, CT. Mushroom soup and asparagus mixed with conversation of a religious order. Catholic schools , artists, a nun beating a young girl for wearing her hair in bangs . The young girl then tore off the nuns habit in retaliation never to return to the school again. Rulers as weapons, festering wounded saints being resurrected with shovels and coming out smelling of roses. More delicious mushroom soup and for desert, tea with round weight less host like wafers made from almonds and egg white. Water ,air and blood seemed to rule the day mixed with the most famous ingredient of all LAUGHTER!!!! which leads me to......

The day before yesterday I was cleaning piles of drawings/art from 1968-80 or so and found this quote: "Seriousness seeks to exclude play, where as play can very well include seriousness." If any one knows who said this I'd love to give just attribution. Which leads me to the sumi drawing above OH GOD!! that I made of a character poking fun at GOD while in a dangerous balancing act of absurdity at that. I hope you've been entertained but now this nut has to go find a squirrel.

Temple detail

Here is one of the temples. All seventeen are very united in the look.
Their about two feet tall and will add a smoking quality to the circle.