Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sculpture bones

Above are the armature for the lower stages of the Mole Hills pictured below. This will give them a height of 
about 6' and 8' . There is another taller one not pictured that is also waiting for me to make it's base. The various stages won't be noticed when complete. I have to do it in stages to be able to assemble it myself. It also allows ease of transportation any where. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Here is the old form I found out doors at my mothers. It was made about 1974 and is in great shape. Light weight concrete with moss growing on it. I'm now using the same formula for new forms I call
 Mole Hills out of Mountains . The title wasn't clear to me at first but it is more so now. I see this happening to the greater earth as though it were a mountain and it's being riddled with holes. Also there is a long standing tradition in Japan and I'm sure every country has its parallel and that is : "When the time is right I'm going to live in the mountains in a little shack and write poetry or maybe just look out at the view and do nothing!" Better to start soon before we eat away the mountain with less important concerns.