Friday, September 28, 2012

This was a fun gate to make. Ann B. wanted some thing relaxed that kept children from falling into her pool!
It's an example of the metal work I do.Instead of putting a lock and key on it I made it into a puzzle.There are so many things I'll get involved in by nessesity. Even making sculpture which on first thought would seem free from that is done by nessesity.
People sometimes ask me "how long did it take to make this....?" what ever it is at the time. Usually I draw a blank at the question. There is a good reason for my consternation. Creating art I loose track of time. It is the same with putting dates on art; why ruin a good thing of loosing track of time by making believe I didn't. There are all ways conditions to making anything and that is not one of them!

 I say participate in the swirl of a work of art that was created in that space where time fell away.
It is contagious.

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